50 Rounds of .17HMR Ammo by CCI – 17gr V-Max


Quantity – 50 rounds per plastic box
Manufacturer – CCI
Bullets – 17 grain V-Max
Casings – Rimfire-primed brass

Category: Product ID: 5512


This 17 HMR ammo is just what you need for your next varmint hunt. Loaded with a 17 grain V-Max poly-tipped bullet, this cartridge is accurate and efficient. Its muzzle velocity is 2550 feet per second, making it capable of quickly taking your target.


Headquartered in Lewiston, Idaho, CCI has been producing quality ammo and components since the mid-20th century. One note from CCI about this particular product: for use in any firearm other than a 17 HMR rifle platform, be sure to first run it by your firearm manufacturer.


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