HORNADY 308 WIN 150gr 50rd


Caliber: .308 Winchester
Number of Rounds: 20
Bullet Weight: 155 grain
Primer Location: Centerfire
G7 Ballistic Coefficient: 0.232
G1 Ballistic Coefficient: 0.461
Sectional Density: 0.233
Category: Product ID: 5565


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Buy the Hornady Ammo 308 Win 155gr Eld Match/20 80956 on sale for a great price at our online store! If you have questions about the Hornady 308 Winchester , 155gr, ELD MATCH, Per 20 80956 or other .308 / 7.62 NATO Ammo we sell, contact us to speak with a product expert who can recommend the best .308 / 7.62 NATO Ammo for you.

We carefully select every component to ensure uniformity, then load to exacting specifications to provide pinpoint accuracy. Each cartridge is loaded with either Hornady A-MAX bullets, our high-performance boattail hollow points, or the new, radically superior ELD Match bullets. Stringent quality control ensures proper bullet seating, consistent charges and pressures, optimal velocity, consistent overall length and repeatable accuracy.


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