Hornady FTX 38 Caliber 140gr Reloading Bullets – 100 Rounds



Ballistic Coefficient (G1) .160
Bullet Type Flex Tip Expanding
Bullet Style Handgun
Caliber 38 Caliber
Diameter .357
Grains 140
Pack Quantity 100
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Hornady FTX 38 Caliber 140gr Reloading Bullets – 100 Rounds – Hornady’s FTX bullets achieve reliable expansion over a wide range of velocities. Upon impact, the patented FTX tip is compressed into the front of the bullet, causing the bullet to expand and transfer immediate energy for a devastating temporary cavity, even at low velocity. It untilizes an InterLock Ring which mechanically locks the core and jacket together for maximum weight retention and deep penetration. The secant ogive profile delivers stability, flat trajectories and amazing accuracy, while the heavy jacket over the shank of the bullet is combined with Hornady’s proven InterLock design for enhanced accuracy.


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