Markron Bullet And Primer Sealer 4 Color Pak



Model MPS04
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Markron Bullet And Primer Sealer 4 Color Pak – Introducing the new MARKRON primer sealer 4-Color pack. Now completely seal and waterproof cartridge primers, shot shell primers, bullet case joints off the shelf, unsealed, factory ammunition with the option of color marking each cartridge for instant powder load and cartridge caliber ID. The Markron color pack contains 4 bright, vivid colors in red, blue, green and black. This is not nail polish, which is prone to peeling, chipping and moisture deterioration. This is the proven original Primer Sealer formula but with unique coloration added

  • 4 -5 Ounces Each
  • One 1/3 Ounce Bottle Seals Appx 1000 Rounds.
  • Instant ID For Trophy Hunting
  • Instant ID For Powder Loads
  • Waterproofs Cartridge and Shot Shell Primers
  • Waterproofs Cartridge Case Joints
  • Waterproofs Black Powder NIpples
  • Perpetual Cartridge Storage Life
  • Up To 30 Days Total Water Submersion
  • Space Age Compounds and Polymers


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